Getting on a small trampoline is an outstanding cardiovascular workout

Much of the activities that happen today in the health clubs had their origin in the rehab of individuals with some physical disorders. Hence, Pilates, fitball and aquaspinning are a few of the options that we have actually talked about in previous problems.

Another one that is contributed to them is the Power Dive, exercise that includes making use of a little trampoline, where you can take dives and with them attain an excellent work of cardiovascular type, which permits, to name a few things, to tone, burn fat, enhance posture, enhance balance and coordination, to name a few.

In this regard, the owner of the Bardi fitness center– Fernando Bardi– verifies that the Power Dive has its origin in the New Zealand system of the Body System, “instructor training system which contains numerous kinds of classes”, where among them is this, the of the trampoline.

In this exact same context, he mentions that this activity was produced particularly in Brazil, where prior to proceeding to the physical fitness classification, the platform was particularly focused on the rehab of post-operated clients with conditions such as those of the hip or knee. “As the Brazilians put music to whatever, they started to establish the attentions with her; then the exercise program as such started, “he states.

On the other hand, the physical fitness trainer and individual fitness instructor of the Sésamo fitness center, Patricia Mayer, points out that in the start, the dives that were made on these trampolines were of decorative type– something basic– and after that they were taking shape and adjusting to the fitness centers “to carry out dives, motions and choreography just with the trampoline or with the incorporation of aspects such as dumbbells, irons, discs, to name a few,” he states.

The fundamental requirement to practice the Power Dive is the trampoline, not large execute (basically 15 cm 1mt and high 20 cm in size) that should be made up of a round metal structure with springs and covered with a resistant canvas able to stand up to the effect of an optimum weight of around ninety kilos.

From less to more

Pople remark that a person of the qualities of Power Dive is that the strength of the work can be completely managed by who guides the class. Therefore, both knowledgeable and amateur trainees can work out the exact same method, each obviously inning accordance with their physical conditions.

It likewise states that the reality of bouncing on this canvas specifically produced for this activity does not impact the effect that a person’s weight can have on the body, that is, “on the trampoline, one can carry out an extremely strong activity without harming the joints”, he states.

Patricia Mayer on the other hand, states that amongst the numerous advantages that this activity brings, the very first is that through it, the individual can have a good time. “The Power Dive classes are really amusing and the trainees are leaping all the time, which produces a natural happiness. It resembles being a kid once again, “he states.

When it comes to how great it can be for the body, the trainer points out that this is certainly a hundred percent cardiovascular workout. “This is a strong work where to the rhythm of the music, the individual constantly keeps dancing and leaping, following the choreography and the motions that the instructor makes,” he states.

Other thanks that can be acquired from Power Dive remain in the words of Patricia Mayer, toning and muscular fortifying, “both at the back level as well as in the legs, hamstrings, knees and quadriceps”. — it includes– “it enhances the balance, the coordination and even the facial muscles, given that one keeps smiling or making faces throughout the class”, he verifies.

The individual fitness instructor of the Sésamo fitness center verifies that contrary to exactly what he believes, the Power Dive does not just benefit the legs; even the abdominals can be boosted. “Some workouts are done resting on the trampoline, supporting the lower back. There you can work out abdominals, either with the legs extended, raised or semi-flexed, “he states.

With regard to the burning of fat portion, Fernando Bardi states that in an extreme class of one hour (it is typical to be 45 minutes), you can burn a thousand calories completely, however suggests that it is best to be offered to the trainer that guides the class, since although each session is currently predetermined, it is possible to offer alternatives to those who do not have the very same capabilities of a trainee currently experienced in the workout.

Therefore, it contributes to the advantages pointed out above, that the Power Dive permits “to get rid of fat from the waist down, due to the fact that the deal with the trampoline resembles a lymphatic massage, which will significantly boost the abdominal areas, legs and butts.”

With regard to the above, Bardi shows that here is not about getting on the platform, however rather “absorb the bounce of the trampoline. The very same musculature is utilized or at least one extremely comparable to the one of spinning, which benefits assisting in the posture and the balance of the legs “.

And to speak about preventative measures in the Power Dive, both trainers state that the very first thing that an expert must send to their class is the loss of worry of the trampoline, due to the fact that they state, many individuals do not attempt to practice this activity for worry of falling.

That is why they state that there is no threat here, however still state that it is best to take safety measures as basic as positioning unskilled and brand-new trainees more detailed to the instructor to monitor their motions.

“To those who begin in the activity or to those who have a health issue, it is best to be positioned in front of the instructor– so that they can remedy possible mistakes in the motions,” states Fernando Bardi. To this the trainer of Sésamo states: “the concept is not to leave anybody displaced”.

In this very same line, sentence that as in any workout, the Power Dive need to likewise consider areas where it is elongue, pre hot and prepare the body. “At the end of the class there is a localized work minute, where the abdominals and arm work can be improved, all this utilizing the trampoline as a tool”, he specifies.

With regard to possible contraindications, Patricia Mayer shows that those who experience vertigo and anxiety attack (likewise pregnant females and those who have mastitis issues) this activity is not suggested.

If they are not consisted of in the fundamental policy, moms and dads must evaluate their house insurance coverage policy and get protection for a trampoline-related injury.


The Trampoline And Its Benefits On Children

Highlights of Schatzi Park include the ball pool, the giant labyrinth, and the trampolines. Our customers know it: children love the trampoline! And what’s great is that doing trampoline for kids has a lot of benefits. Indeed, such equipment allows children to develop many qualities: perseverance, self-esteem but also flexibility.

The Trampoline For Children: A Precious Ally

Children's Trampoline

Did you know that studies have shown that children's trampoline can increase their physical abilities, that it is an unstoppable educational tool to develop their faculties?

Feel Better

It turns out that besides being fun, the trampoline allows them to feel better and increases their self-esteem.


Pretty Jump

Indeed, by striving to make pretty jumps, the child learns that it is necessary to persevere to succeed and once the success achieved, he discovers the feeling of pride.

Muscular Control And Coordination

Trampoline and children, so this is a beautiful love story that is also manifest on the physical level. Indeed, the trampoline allows younger people to control the movements of their body better. This tool also strengthens their muscles and helps them to develop good coordination. Other benefits of the trampoline on children include the following:

– The development of motor skills,

– The improvement of flexibility,

– The lengthening of the muscles,

– The growth of the cardio,

– The orientation

– L ‘balanced

An exercise to renew daily

What’s more, it seems that children who do not particularly like sports find in the trampoline a secret play partner. In addition to being very entertaining, it allows you to exercise and exercise without the child feels any painful sensation. If you do not have a trampoline at home, know that you can enjoy the facilities of Schatzi Park Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and school holidays (Normandy and Paris region) between 10 am and 8 pm. Our establishment also offers children’s trampoline initiation days. Why not enjoy it?…

How To Choose Your Trampoline?

Our trampoline experts carefully select all the trampolines we offer at DreamLand. They, therefore, have all the guarantees of quality and meet all safety requirements. It is clear that you will find trampolines at very different prices. Several factors can explain the price differences. Here are the main ones:

Buried Or Above Ground?

A buried trampoline is prettier in the garden and more discreet. But you have to dig a hole and get rid of the land. It depends on the basement, but the task may be difficult. If you remove the trampoline, know that you will have a hole in the garden.

In the case of an above ground trampoline, the basement does not matter, provided the ground is flat. Another advantage: you can move the trampoline above ground at your leisure. Also, most of these trampolines are equipped with an ultra-practical click system that allows the trampoline to be mounted very quickly.